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BOCA RATON, Fla. - A year ago, many homes were selling immediately after they went on the market. Now, a home may take months to sell. Today's buyers have a wide selection of houses to choose from and are likely to be more demanding. If a homeowner wants or needs to sell quickly, what can be done to make a house more marketable?

            One important way is to improve the kitchen. Remodeling a dated kitchen can create a fresh look that will catch the eyes of potential buyers and make the entire house seem more attractive.

            Real estate professionals know that an attractive, efficient kitchen can almost sell a home by itself. It's easier than most people think to renovate an older kitchen and give it the look that today's buyers want. If someone has a choice between two homes of similar value, and one has a fabulous kitchen and the other has an older, tired-looking kitchen, the buyer will certainly choose the one with a great kitchen.

            While kitchens have always been important in a home, today they are even more so. They have really become the center of our modern lifestyle. We're spending more time in our homes now, much of it in the kitchen. In addition to preparing meals, we entertain in the kitchen and we spend time there with our families. When potential buyers look at your kitchen, it's important that they can visualize themselves doing those things.

            Before beginning a kitchen renovation, have a complete plan in place. It's a good idea to consult with an experienced kitchen designer. He or she knows the best ways to create the look and style you want, and tie together different elements so the space will flow harmoniously. The designer will also be familiar with all the different products on the market.

            Changing a dated floor plan can work wonders. When you choose a company to renovate your kitchen, be sure the firm is equipped to handle structural changes.

            In older homes, kitchens are often closed off from other living areas, while in newer homes, they are open to the family room. With some creative thinking, it's almost always possible to find a way to open up the space to better meets the needs and expectations of a modern lifestyle. It will also make the area look larger.

            Another vital element of a modern kitchen is beautiful cabinetry. Cabinets are more than just a place to store food and utensils. They create style and ambiance. Whether you prefer modern, traditional, European-country, or some other style, there are beautiful cabinets available today that have the look of fine furniture.

            Be sure the cabinets are high quality. If the kitchen cabinetry is of poor quality, the buyer you're trying to attract is likely to wonder about the value of the entire home. But high quality cabinets don't necessarily have to be high priced, and very expensive cabinets aren't always well made. Look for craftsmanship.

            Countertops are another important aspect of a kitchen renovation. Most newer kitchens have solid-surface countertops. Natural stone has become very popular, and installing granite countertops can add greatly to both the value and eye appeal of your kitchen. Synthetic materials can also be attractive and practical. Ask your kitchen designer about the advantages and disadvantages of different materials.

            Flooring is the backdrop for your new kitchen. Wood floors have grown very popular. "They give warmth and beauty to the space, and offer a unique style. Marble floors are also very desirable, because they are durable and easy to clean. Larger tiles set on the diagonal can give your kitchen a more spacious look.

            When you're selling a house in today's softening real estate market, it's important to make the home stand out from others. A beautiful kitchen will give any home a competitive edge.



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